American TieTek LLC, world leader in composite railroad ties, has now produced over two million (2,000,000) ties by August 26, 2013. TieTek uses its patented technology to process recycled materials and mineral additives to manufacture composite crossties that last longer and perform better than hardwood or concrete crossties. TieTek attributes its success to customers who realize that TieTek ties are a product that is extremely long-lasting, environmentally superior, and whose quality is unsurpassed. The durability, safety, and economy of TieTek ties have been proven by more than fifteen (15) years of service in customer applications, carrying over 2 billion (2,000,000,000) gross tons of load on commercial track. TieTek is gaining more attention and respect for taking environmental stewardship to a higher level by saving mature trees, using recycled materials, and avoiding the use of toxic preservatives. Production of 3,300 ties (approximately one mile of track) uses about 2 million plastic bottles, 9 million plastic bags, and 10,000 scrap vehicle tires. The production and use of the ties eliminates the need to cut down approximately 750 mature hardwood trees. TieTek is dedicated to serving its customers by providing ties that reduce costs, improve track operation, and contribute to the industry’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

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