ENDURANCE-XL Grade Crossings

Highway-Rail Grade Crossings

ENDURANCE-XL Highway-Rail Grade Crossings are manufactured using a patented composite technology and engineered plastics formulation resulting in superior performance and extended service life in severe environments.

They are considered a premium crossing surface by State DOT’s and Class 1 railroads alike, and is readily substituted for concrete and rubber to provide unsurpassed performance.

Alternative Replacement

ENDURANCE-XL Crossings can be used in place of treated timber to extend service life and eliminate disposal issues.

Harsh elements and submersion in fresh or salt water have little or no effect on ENDURANCE-XL Crossings. They will not suffer a reduction in structural integrity due to insect damage, termites, road salt, freeze/thaw cycles or periodic contamination with oil, gasoline and most corrosive chemicals.

Endurance-XL Crossings Designed for:

For 20 years, the durability, safety and value of TieTek ties have been proven in use on tracks across the U.S. and at the Association of American Railroads’ Transportation Technology Center (TTC)

    • DOT’s
    • Industrial Parks
    • Intermodal Facilities
    • Main Line Railroads
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Mining Operations
    • Port Authorities
    • Power Plants
    • Processing Facilities
    • Railcar Repair Shops
    • Shortline Railroads
    • Storage Yards
    • Switching Facilities
    • Temporary Crossings Areas
    • Transit Systems

Endurance-XL Usage

Panels are available for use with 8’6” or 10’ treated timber or engineered polymer composite cross ties. Panels include a molded skid-resistant surface and are typically pre-bored and countersunk for easy installation.

Exceptional Performance

When installed and maintained according to AREMA Standard Track Construction practices, ENDURANCE-XL Highway-Rail Grade Crossings will provide a long life and the best value for your construction and maintenance dollar.

Benefits & Features

Life Span of 50+ Years

Resistant to insect damage, mold, fungi, hazardous chemicals and moisture

Skid Resistant

Consistent High Quality

Eliminating Replacement Costs, Disposal Costs & Downtime

Reduced Lifetime Maintenance Costs

Uses the same installation equipment as wooden ties; both Cut Spikes & Screw Spikes

Smooth, quiet ride in transit applications