Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has TieTek been making ties?
A: TieTek has been making ties for over 17 years.

Q: How many ties are there per typical track mile?
A: There are approximately 3300 ties per typical track mile.

Q: How many TieTek™ ties are there installed in rail applications?
A: There are approximately 2 million ties installed in track through June of 2013.

Q: Why do TieTek™ ties last so much longer than wood ties?
A: TieTek™ ties last longer than wood ties because they resist rail seat abrasion, spike pull and are not damaged by moisture, insects and or fungi.

Q: Are there any harmful (hazardous) chemicals in TieTek™ ties?
A: No. TieTek™ ties are made from recycled plastic, waste tires, waste fiberglass and structural mineral fillers.