The Product:

Our Process

TieTek's unique manufacturing process delivers high-performance crossties which provide a superior track foundation and are completely interchangeable with wood ties.

With the patented formula, 85% of the inputs come from recycled materials — plastic, rubber from used tires and waste fiberglass — and are combined with various mineral fillers to create ties that are extremely strong, durable, self-extinguishing and highly-resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

TieTek's Patented Manufacturing Process:

1. Select raw materials (approximately 2 million plastic bottles, 8 million plastic bags, 10,000 scrapped vehicle tires) according to TieTek's proven, patented formula.

2. Mix raw materials by melting and compounding with continuous testing for quality.

3. Shape, form and cool the composite railroad ties into consistent sized ties with no unwanted curvature, twisting or deviation from perfect rectangular shape.

4. Texture for better grip of rock bed ballast and superior lateral resistance in comparison to wooden ties — improving rail stability and protecting against derailment.

5. Final Quality Assurance — non-invasive process to test every tie using X-ray and tie-bending equipment.

6. Stack ties for shipment. (These ingredients produce approximately 3300 ties, or one mile of track.)